What we do at Walker Street Sports Podiatry - North Sydney    

Biomechanical Assessment

A biomechanical assessment involves a thorough physical exam looking at things such as; joint, muscle and ligament testing, specialised orthopaedic tests and gait analysis. 


Gait analysis is a method used to assess the way we walk or run to highlight biomechanical abnormalities. We use a video analysis app with playback to help pick up subtle abnormalities in the way you move.


Diagnostic Imaging

To help in the diagnosis of your injury podiatrists are able to refer under Medicare for things such as x-ray and ultrasound. We are also able to refer privately for MRI when indicated. These are not always necessary to diagnose your injury but can be invaluable at times when further investigation is warranted. 


Dry Needling (western medical acupuncture)

Dry needling for trigger points can be a very effective treatment on its own or in combination with other treatments. Dry needling is the western equivalent of acupuncture - the same tiny needles are used to directly release muscles that have developed a trigger point (taught band of skeletal muscle). Dry needling can also promote increased blood flow to the area of treatment to aid in tissue repair. 



'Prolo'therapy is short for proliferative therapy. This is an injection technique designed to stimulate tissue regeneration for chronic soft tissue injuries. For those that are familiar with PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy, prolotherapy works on a similar principle. The proliferant solution injected in prolotherapy is glucose mixed with local anaesthetic. This solution is designed to stimulate a local influx of white blood cells and platelets including the important pre collagen growth factors needed for tissue repair. For more information on this treatment please visit Dr Margaret Taylor's website. 


When treating chronic lower limb tendon or ligament injuries that fail standard conservative care, this can be a very effective option to speed recovery or prevent the need for surgical management. Clinically I find this treatment most effective for chronic achilles tendon pain. A randomised control trial (RCT) published in 2009 comparing an exercise rehab protocol to prolotherapy, found favorable results attributed to prolotherapy injections in the treatment of achilles tendinopathy. 


Orthotic Therapy 

When indicated, foot orthotics can be the single most effective treatment modality that a podiatrist can offer their patient. We offer semi-customised prefabricated (off the shelf) orthotics or prescription custom orthotics depending on your individual requirements. Click here for more info.


Foot orthotics work best when prescribed on the 'tissue stress' principle - designed to alter the forces going through specific parts of your foot and lower limb, to reduce the stress to the injured part of your body enough to allow faster healing and reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence. Orthotics may be a short or long term management plan depending on the individual and injury profile. 


And more
  • Exercise prescription (strength/flexibility programs)

  • Footwear advice (running, work, casual, sports boots)

  • Foot and ankle surgical advice and referral 

  • Sports strapping & padding (rigid or kinesio)

  • Cycling specific carbon orthotics 

  • Gait retraining and running technique advice