Getting the right arch height in Archies arch support thongs!

Wet foot test for Archies Thongs

This is a self help guide for those choosing the most suitable arch height when ordering Archies thongs online. They come in 2 options, standard and high.

If you're unsure how high your arches are, perform the wet foot test; wet the entire sole of each foot and stand on a suitable surface like outdoor pavers, porous tiles, a piece of paper or cardboard. The imprint your wet foot leaves will tell you if you have low, medium/average or high arches. See the image below as a guide.

Wet foot test for Archies Thongs

Those with high arches are best suited to the 'high arch' Archies thongs, while those with low or average height arches are best suited to 'standard arch' Archies thongs.

It's important to remember the wet foot test cannot predict dynamic foot function and is not a good representation of how much or how little your foot pronates (rolls in). The wet foot test simply tells us a bit about your foot structure and what will feel more comfortable to wear.

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